Datlabs Data Recovery Services


Datlabs Data Recovery Services is a company that specialises in data recovery from the faulty hard drives of all your devices. We recover and also rebuild data from damaged and faulty mobile phones, Tablets, iPADs, Desktop or Laptop computer, Smartphones, and media files from all types of CCTV cameras. We also recover data from faulty NAS systems, faulty SD cards, damaged Solid State Drives and even broken USD Memory sticks.

About Datlabs Data Recovery Services

Datlabs has a help desk that operates 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. The Customer Service hotline works during normal official working hours and sometimes during on-call emergencies. Our Customer support team is friendly, diligent and dedicated. They are there to offer support, assurance and advise whenever you need them, especially in emergency situations. Datlabs also has a Blog site where can get educative posts on matters concerning data storage technology, data recovery and data loss prevention. You might just want to read a few entertaining articles while taking a break and these you can also find on
Datlabs Blog spot. Datlabs FAQs page will also answer frequent queries on Digital
Forensic Technology and data recovery in general.

We make contracts with both organisations and individuals who need their data recovered for one reason or another, for example, we could recover data of media files from CCTVs that are meant to be used as court evidence. Datlabs has an expert emergency service known as the RAID. This service is available 24 hours a day, and seven days in a week. Recovery of your data is of utmost importance to us, just as much as it is important to you. When you approach Datlabs with your problem, we come up with a Service Level Agreement which gives the framework of how the recovery project will be undertaken and within what time frame. The price is also fixed and fair so there are no surprise charges that will come after the recovery work has been completed.

Datlabs has put a lot of resources in people, research activities, technology, tools, and testing gear. This is to ensure that the when all these resources are brought under one roof, we can only deliver success in recovery and exceptional services that meet the needs of the customer. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to customer satisfaction. We are known to out-perform all other autonomous data recovery companies available out there.

Datlabs operates contemporary, fully- equipped, superior data recovery workshops, free-circulating air and fully compliant facilities adhering
to the Electro-Static Discharge needs of Occupational and Safety laws, a need
that is commensurate with the requirements of a workshop that recovers and
rebuilds data from hard drives and other leading data storage devices using
electromagnetic technology.

Our team of technicians are fully trained and competent in all thing data and recovery or rebuilding. No other company can compete with our team in this aspect of data recovery, forensics, data recovery and all issues pertaining to data from both mobile devices and hard drives or media files.

We are in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations Act and Also registered with the Information Commission. Our facility is secure and all data we acquire when performing the recoveries are only available offline. We ensure that all the information recovered, discovered, or even rebuilt remains confidential and will only be shared with you. We assure you of the protection, care, and confidentiality of your data, whether Business data or personal data.

Datlabs offices are located in Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, and London where our main offices are located in the United Kingdom. We also have networks of drop-off points for devices and also partnered service companies which offer some of our services as a consortium.


Contact us anywhere within United Kingdom through our website and we will definitely get back to you and let you know how we can sort your issue or where you can drop off your device or storage drive that data needs to be recovered from, if by chance you live in an area that is not within our jurisdiction, or the jurisdiction of our service partners and drop-off point partners. We run a dedicated team willing to answer all your questions and offer the services needed within the shortest time possible. Remember, your data is just as important to us as it is important to you.